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Implementation process
2. Define focus use case and objectives

There is a variety of ways in which SNOMED CT can be implemented, using different approaches, techniques, and user interfaces. In this second step of the SNOMED CT implementation process, the goal is to clearly understand and document the focus use case, its goals, and the business objectives for using SNOMED CT.


What are the key goals for adopting SNOMED CT? For example:

  • To promote interoperable sharing of clinical data

  • To enable the standardization of clinical data in EHRs

  • To support data analytics for clinical care, population health, or research


Which projects will benefit from the adoption of SNOMED CT?

  • Details of each project, goals, timelines, and resources


What is the focus use case?

  • Overall goals

  • Users and key stakeholders

  • Clinical focus

  • Planned benefits achieved with SNOMED CT

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User Groups





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