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Implementation process
1. Understanding existing eHealth environment and goals

SNOMED CT is always a part of a larger information system, an ecosystem of information models, technologies, and applications. The first step in the SNOMED CT implementation process is to understand your existing eHealth environment, the roadmap and priorities proposed by the National eHealth Strategy. This information will affect many of the decisions that will be required on the next steps.

Relevant information

Information about the existing eHealth environment

  • The national or regional approach to healthcare delivery

  • The level of computerization in different sectors

  • The eHealth standards landscape

  • The code systems used and what they’re used for

  • The existing connectivity and eHealth infrastructure used for clinical systems


Information about the national eHealth strategy

  • The key objectives for eHealth in the country, region or local area

  • The key stakeholders and their roles

  • The priority clinical areas defined by the strategy

  • Which types of data have been prioritized for standardization

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