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SNOMED CT Browsers allow users to search SNOMED CT, navigate its hierarchy and view the properties of each component. 

A SNOMED CT Browser offers a user-friendly view of the terminology to support basic functions like:

  • Search: Browser provide the ability to search SNOMED CT content using terms, partial terms, or component identifiers. Browsers can also provide different ways to filter the search results, by active status, semantic tag, module, etc.

  • Hierarchy navigation: Most browsers provide a way for the user to navigate the SNOMED CT hierarchy via the parents and children of each concept.

  • Concept details: Browsers allow users to view the properties of each component, including the identifiers, effective times, descriptions, axioms, relationships and reference set members.

  • Reference set browsing: Some browsers present a list of available reference sets and display their member components and attribute values.

  • ECL queries: Some browsers allow users to enter and execute ECL (Expression Constraint Language) queries. ECL provides an advanced mechanism to filter SNOMED CT content and is used to support a range of implementation use cases, including constraining data entry in clinical applications, supporting meaning-based data analytics, and quality assurance.

  • Graphical views: Some browsers can display the definition of each concept as a diagram which follows the SNOMED diagramming guidelines, or display a graph that shows the hierarchical relationships between a set of concepts.


SNOMED International's SNOMED CT browser

SNOMED International's SNOMED CT browser allows users to browse both the international edition of SNOMED CT and a number of national editions contributed by SNOMED National Release Centers. The browser provides a user-friendly view to the SNOMED CT content available on SNOMED International's Snowstorm terminology server.

This browser is a free access, web-based application. Its source code is available as open-source on GitHub.

Other SNOMED CT browsers

Other SNOMED CT browser tools are available, as listed below.

Athena, Odysseus Data Services, Inc., US


Bioportal, NCBO - National Center for Biomedical Ontology, US

CSNOtk, Centre for Development of Advanced Computing(C-DAC), Pune, India (Downloadable app)

National Library of Medicine SNOMED CT Browser, US

NHS Digital SNOMED CT Browser

NICTIZ Browser, Netherlands

Shrimp SNOMED CT Browser, CSIRO, Australia

SnoChillies Browser, Valentia Technologies Limited, New Zealand

Snowray Terminology Service, B2i Healthcare

Stom Browser, InfoClinic, Korea

VTSL Terminology Browser, Veterinary Terminology Services Lab at Virginia Tech, US

West Coast SNOMED Terminology Server, West Coast Informatics

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