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Translation Policy

SNOMED International is committed to supporting SNOMED International Members in their undertakings to provide translations of SNOMED CT to support local implementations. In response to this essential work, the Management Board and the General Assembly have committed to provide financial support to Members as a way of encouraging Members to start to undertake this work.


In this regard, SNOMED international have agreed a policy, the  "IHTSDO Policy on Support for Member Country Translation”.

The policy describes the nature and extent of the financial support available from SNOMED International for the development of translations of SNOMED CT from English into other languages, as well as the expectations and obligations of those Members undertaking translation activities. The support extends to both content (descriptions) and/or document translations.

SNOMED International has the application form and legal agreement in place, to allow member countries interested in applying for funding for translation activities.

Should you wish to pursue this, you should contact your regional Customer Relations Leads for more information. 


Help Desk

To find the answer to a specific question about SNOMED CT implementation, please either browse our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or ask a new question via our helpdesk system. For national enquiries, please contact your local National Release Center. For all other enquiries, please contact the SNOMED International Helpdesk at

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