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Implementation workshops

SNOMED CT implementation workshops can provide a forum for your implementation team to explore their objectives, requirements,  designs and questions with SNOMED CT experts. 

A variety of customized workshops can be arranged to meet your needs, including:

  • SNOMED CT implementation strategy workshops

  • SNOMED CT project planning workshops

  • SNOMED CT implementation assistance workshops

  • SNOMED CT next steps workshops


To learn more about the different workshop options, please contact your local National Release Center, your regional Customer Relationship Management (CRM) executive, or email us at

We can support workshops aimed at exploring your SNOMED CT implementation strategy and design a roadmap for success. 

We provide direct access to SNOMED CT experts who can assist and advise on specific topics that are relevant to your SNOMED CT implementation project.

We can assist you in planning your SNOMED CT requirements, design considerations, tools, education and other resources needed for your SNOMED CT project.

We can help you move to the next stage of your implementation journey and a higher level of SNOMED CT implementation maturity.

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