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Implementation library

The SNOMED CT implementation library is designed to assist across a range of implementation stages.

Library resources include implementation frameworks, best practice guides, technical specifications, value propositions, use cases, implementation planning resources and clinical topic-specific material. Please feel free to explore these resources below.

For additional SNOMED CT documentation on a wide range of topics, please visit the SNOMED CT Document Library at

Implementation frameworks 

The following SNOMED CT resources provide a framework that may be applied to different implementation scenarios.

A pathway that leads you from getting started with SNOMED CT to advanced use.

A five-level model that categorizes implementations based on a scale of increasing SNOMED CT capabilities.

A set of example high-level requirements for the SNOMED CT functionality in an EMR/EHR system.

A simple six-step process that can be applied to most SNOMED CT implementations.

An interactive platform that presents SNOMED CT stakeholder value propositions along with evidence that SNOMED CT adds measurable value.


Starter guides 

The following SNOMED CT starter guides provide an introduction to SNOMED CT for different types of users.

An introduction SNOMED CT for anyone with a general interest in healthcare information.

A guide to the role and responsibilities of a National Release Center (NRC), and the relationship between NRCs, SNOMED International, implementers and users within a Member country or territory.

A description of the process to be followed when new member countries join the SNOMED International.

An introduction to SNOMED CT focused primarily on the needs of vendors and developers of healthcare systems and applications.

Best practice guidance 

The following resources provide guidance to help support good implementation practice.

A guide to accessing SNOMED CT content effectively using terminology services.

A user interface demonstration tool that documents a range of SNOMED CT best practice techniques.

A guide that explains a range of techniques for implementing clinical decision support with SNOMED CT.

Guidelines on important and common issues relevant to the translation of SNOMED CT.

A guide to finding and saving a term and related SNOMED CT code into a health record.

A guide that explains a range of techniques for performing queries over SNOMED CT encoded data.

An introduction to the principles and processes of translating SNOMED CT.

Starter Guides
Best Practices

Technical specifications  

The following SNOMED CT technical specifications are important to many implementations of SNOMED CT .

The file format in which SNOMED CT is published and distributed.

The SNOMED CT concept model rules in a form that can be read and tested by a computer.

A language used to represent clinical meanings in the form of SNOMED CT postcoordinated expressions.

A language used to query SNOMED CT content.

A standard format for URIs that identify SNOMED CT concepts, versioned editions, and the terminology itself.

A language used to represent SNOMED CT expressions that contain slots intended to be completed at a later time.


Clinical resources   

The following resources are relevant to a specific clinical topic.

Recording clinical data using SNOMED CT (available next year)

A guide that explains the principles for recording clinical data using SNOMED CT.

A specification of the SNOMED CT medicinal product hierarchy's international data model.

Practical examples of SNOMED CT subsets that can be used to code a variety of COVID-19 related data elements.

A specification for an extension concept model that represents branded medicinal products and packages.

A website that directs you to a collection of clinically focused SNOMED CT resources.


Implementation resources   

The following resources are relevant to a specific SNOMED CT implementation.

A tool used to promote and support the creation of national roadmaps for the adoption of SNOMED CT

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