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Mapping tools

SNOMED CT Mapping Tools allow users to create and maintain mappings between SNOMED CT and other code systems to support a wide range of implementation use cases.

Implementations require mappings to/from SNOMED CT for a wide range of reasons, including:

  • To submit statistical reports using classifications, like ICD-10

  • To generate codes from procedures vocabularies for billing

  • To support data interoperability and data integration

  • To enable advanced data analytics over existing data

  • To use national medication identifiers in the electronic prescribing process

  • To allow the user to select terms from a local interface terminology and record this using SNOMED CT

The tools in this section help implementers to create and manage maps to/from SNOMED CT.

SNOMED International: Snap2Snomed

Mapping to SNOMED CT

SNOMED International provides an online mapping tool, Snap2Snomed, to enable users to collaboratively create and maintain simple maps to SNOMED CT.

Snap2Snomed's main features are:

  • The ability to create simple maps to SNOMED CT

  • Online and easily accessible

  • Collaborative workflow features

  • Map automation support

  • Map review process

  • A high-quality user interface for using SNOMED CT effectively

  • Support for map maintenance

  • Import code sets and maps

  • Export to useful formats

  • Audit trail


Snap2SNOMED is scheduled to be available to users in the SNOMED community from early 2022. For more information, please refer to the websites below.


SNOMED International mapping tool

Mapping from SNOMED CT

SNOMED International's mapping tool is used by our Content Team to manage maps from SNOMED CT to other terminologies including ICD-10, ICD-9CM, ICPC and MedDRA (both directions). The tool supports the creation of simple and complex maps, revisions and quality assurance workflows. It also provides a public directory and browser for the published map content.

Other mapping tools

Other SNOMED CT mapping tools are available, as listed below.

Rhapsody Semantic Terminology Management

Snapper:Map, Ontoserver, CSIRO, Australia

Snow Owl Terminology Authoring Platform, B2i Healthcare

Snowray Terminology Service, B2i Healthcare

termSpace collaborative authoring environment, termMed

WCI SNOMED CT Terminology Server, West Coast Informatics

Please note that this list of mapping tools is provided in alphabetical order. To request the addition or removal of a mapping tool to/from this list, please submit a request via the 'Feedback' button at the bottom of this page.

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