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Record services

SNOMED CT-enabled Record Services support the functions of a clinical record system, including the display and storage of terminology content in the health records.

Record services are the functions built into a clinical record system, which support the search, data entry, storage and display of content in the health records. Record services use terminology services to help support these functions performed on coded data stored in a health record. Record services support the implementation of SNOMED CT within the information models of clinical applications.

OpenMRS terminology search module


openMRS is a collaborative open-source platform that can be used to create a customized EMR system in response to local requirements (see screenshot below). 

An add-on module to openMRS is available, which expands its functionality to support the searching of SNOMED CT content in a FHIR-compliant terminology server.

This openMRS terminology search module is available at


Other record services


A variety of commercial EHR systems are available that support SNOMED CT functionality. For more information, please contact the relevant vendors directly.

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